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Rail thin and sickly looking, Carla has fallen a long way since the Embrace.

Willum's first and favored childe, the ancillae was an arrogant and beautiful heiress before the Embrace. Willum thought her too arrogant to retain her beauty and Embraced her so that she could gain deeper insight into what truly mattered. She never learned that lesson, though, and hated Willum for what he had done to her. Still, though, her hate seemed to have no effect on him and, ironically, she remained a spoiled brat even beyond the grave as Willum did his best to provide her with whatever comforts he could. She quickly learned mastery of the Mask of a Thousand Faces and refused to ever be seen with her actual visage.

Carla was eventually destroyed by the former Prince, Michelle Rauchete, when the Nosferatu attempted to frame Monique Langdon by posing as her using the advanced skill with the Mask that she had gained. Her destruction sparked a long-standing feud between Michelle and Willum that persists to this day.

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