Club Noctis

The dance floor of Club Noctis.

Club Noctis is the favorite hangout of Prince Natalia Mishkin. She does not hold Court here, but when she is feeling sociable, this is the most likely place to find her.

The club is one of New Avalon's most popular, with a regularly large crowd on most nights throughout the week. It features primarily gothic, rave and trance music but occasionally plays songs from the Top 40 list. Because of the large number of patrons that can be found here on any given night, Noctis is considered to be part of the Rack and is a good place to go hunting, as long as the hunter does not mind running into other Kindred on the prowl.

Noctis Level One

The first floor of Club Noctis.

Noctis Level Two

The second floor of Club Noctis.

Many of the Camarilla Kindred have access to the club's VIP lounge and, often times, it is even closed off to Kine simply so the Court can luxuriate and socialize amongst themselves without the constant fear for the Masquerade.