Dance Riot

The unassuming entrance to the dance school and the string of apartments above it.

Dance Riot is an academy for young dancers in a bad part of town. It lies near St. Petersburg College, so it has the appeal of being near an educational center, but that does not make up for the poor part of town it sits in. The surrounding community approves of the school, though, as it provides something to keep their children off the streets. The school itself was founded by a former performing arts dancer who wanted to give something back to the community, thus leaving the stage and opening the school.

Dance Riot is also located beneath an apartment complex, so there always seems to be people around regardless of the time of day or night. The school suffered significant publicity problems and several of it's students where withdrawn from the school after one of the school's kids, Dolores Chapman, suffered a fatal accident.


Owner & Chief Instructor - David Matthews


Sarah Hanson

Former Student - Dolores Chapman