New Avalon is a city rich in history with many prominent locations, and even more nameless spots that never get widespread attention. Some of the more well-known locations of the city can be found listed here.

City Map Edit


An overhead view of New Avalon.

Downtown Edit

The heart of the city, downtown is filled with sprawling skyscrapers pulled together to take advantage of every portion of available space. Smaller building are crammed between the larger towers as the try to fight for their own place in this portion of town.


One of downtown's crowded city blocks.

Harbor Edit

Shipping and industry dominate this part of town that sits along the waterfront. This part of town is usually quiet at night, until workers move to start their day in the early morning, keeping the lifeblood of the city's coffers rolling.


A view of the boats lining much of the harbor front.

Industrial Sector Edit

If the harbor is the lifeblood of the city, this part of town is the heart that keeps that blood flowing. Factories, warehouses and plants operate at all hours of the day to keep the city alive.

Industrial Works

Smokestacks in the district, belching smoke as they run continuously.

Nobility Hill Edit

Expensive homes and elegant furnishings dominate this portion of town. The rich live in elegance and notice very little of the problems facing lower-class residents from their homes on high.

Nobility Hill

One of the expensive homes that dominate this part of town.

Projects Edit

At the edge of downtown, this part of town hosts the lowest class residents. Cheap apartments and crumbling buildings can be found throughout the area. It is not the part of town anybody would want to find themselves in unless they absolutely had to.


The worst part of the city, nobody lives here unless they can afford nothing else.

Red Light District Edit

Attempts by the city have often been made to call this the Entertainment District, but it is what it is and the entertainment people normally seek is booze, drugs and sex. The Red Light District is the place to find any of this. Most of the time, law enforcement does not even bothering with serious patrols in this part of town.

Red Light District

Finding what you want, no matter your desire, is not hard in this part of town.

Slums Edit

Not the best part of town, by any means, but it beats being in the Projects. This is where the bulk of the city's low-class live.


Affordable housing is available in this part of town.

Suburbia Edit

They city's middle-class typically live in this part of town. All hedged yards and clean streets, it implies order and normaility on it's face, which is never the case when you get to know the area.


The houses of the area all seem to look eerily like one another.

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