Dead Man's Party

A gathering of the Kindred at Elysium.

New Avalon contains a few prominent locations recognized by the Prince as Elysium.

Blood Toast

A blood toast between Kindred.


Club Noctis may not be where Natalia holds Court, but it is most certainly her preferred location. This is the most likely place to find her when among public Kindred gatherings and because of this, on any other night except Court, this is where most Kindred will mingle.


The Art Museum is a seldomly visited but still culturally important location and, thus, accepted as part of Elysium.

The Natural History Museum is one of the most prominent cultural centers in New Avalon and has not only been included as part of Elysium, but is also where Natalia holds Court on the first day of every month. She believes that the history contained within the museum's halls is a strong reflection of the Kindred of the city and their own historical experience and signicicance. Still, despite its recognition and the place Court is held, on any other night except a Court gathering, there are few Kindred that actually visit the museum.

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