The Ventrue of New Avalon, as most cities throughout the world do, has established a local Gerousia, or Board, to direct and steer Ventrue control in the city. This has kept the Blue Bloods as a prominent clan in the city throughout the Gerousia's existance regardless of what city politics have been.

For the safety and security of the location, as well as probably being a show of power and control, the monthly meetings of the Gerousia are held within City Hall, which lies within Prince Natalia's personal Domain.

Praetor (Manager)Edit

Natalia Mishkin

Aediles (Supervisors)Edit

Margarit Richards

Questors (Foreman)Edit

Edgar Van Kamp

Eiren (Associates)Edit

Lydia Styles

Michelle Rauchete Petronov


Marshal Longshaw - Though, as an Archon, he does not sit on the city's Gerousia, he serves the clan as a Lictor (Troubleshooter).

Territorial & Kine InterestsEdit

The Ventrue of the Gerousia, due to traditional clan decorum, have several territorial focuses and influence among the Kine that are recognized by the Board which its members agree to observe and respect. At least on the surface.

  • Praetor Mishkin has laid claim to political institutions and organizations as well as the political members of those organizations.
  • Aediles Richards has laid claim to the city's financial district and corporate arena, most prominently focusing on Richards Industries.
  • Questor Van Kamp has laid claim to the city's industrial sector and facilities.
  • Eiren Petronov has laid claim to the Veronique Fitz-Gilbert Art Museum.