Jenn Headley

Jenn is practically an outcast among the Camarilla Court.

Jenn has lived in New Avalon her entire life. She was Captain of the cheerleading squad at her high school and the most popular girl among her peers; everything in life that young girls dream about. After being Embraced in 2009, she had trouble letting go of her old life. Still young enough in the blood that her apparent and actual age are about the same, she still associates with her old friends, but her popularity among her peers has suffered since she dropped out of school after her Embrace and lost everything that made her the envy of every girl in her school, since continuing to go to school would have been impossible with her new existance. She struggles to fit in among the Kindred population and pines over what she lost.

As a Kine, despite her youth, she was having a secret affair with an older man that she kept secret even from her closest friends. Unknown to her at the time, this would later become her Sire, but even despite the "relationship" she had with him, she never really knew much about the man who Embraced her. All she knows is that he took her blood while they were in the throws of passion and could not restrain himself from draining her and accidentally killing her. She remarks that it was the most passionate moment of her entire life and that she had never had such a caring lover. Apparently he could not bare to let her die completely, so he gave her the Embrace and then fled into the night. She has not seen him since. Upon reflection, she realizes she never even knew his name.

Surprisingly, Natalia allowed Jenn to reside in New Avalon rather than ordering her destruction. Supposedly, members of the Court believe that she was allowed to survive in order for Natalia to gather clues as to who had violated the Third Tradition. If the identity of Jenn's Sire is learned, it is unknown if the Prince will continue allowing Jenn to survive among New Avalon's Court, or if she will order the Caitiff's destruction.