Josselin Baker

An absolute beauty, Josselin typically seems to be involved in New Avalon's social life.

Josselin is a calm, beautiful ancillae with a very confident demeanor and gives off the air that she always knows what she is doing. Josselin has always been a supporter of Natalia's Court ever since the Toreador arrived in the city not long after Natalia took over as Prince of the city, though lately she has lost some face in the eyes of the Ventrue Prince.

As the rumors go, it would seem that Josselin took a recent newcomer to the city, a Toreador neonate by the name of Kat, under her wing and during this period of tutelage the neonate made several bad decisions, reflecting poorly on Josselin. The real damage to Josselin's reputation, though, was when the neonate diablerized the Lasombra Antitribu Ferdinand, a prominent elder with strong ties to the Prince. Kat paid for her crime by facing Final Death, but even after her destruction she would still tarnish Josselin's reputation. It later came out that Josselin took Kat as tutor because the neonate by Devon Johansen, Josselin's childe who left the city several years earlier, and it turned out that Kat was her grand-childe, and this raised many questions among the Kindred of Natalia's Court.

In light of the embarrasment she had received, rather than remain and continue to face scrutiny, Josselin opted to depart New Avalon and spend some time with her childe Devon. She was gone for several years before unexpectedly returning to the city for unknown reasons. With her return, she is doing a good job of making a come-back, and is slowly working her way back into the Prince's good graces.

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