Kimmy Harper

Kimmy was a popular cheerleader in high school.

Kimmy, before the neonate was Embraced, was raised in a standard religious family; two older brothers, and being the youngest she was always rather pampered. They all went through the motions of their lives, doing what was expected of them, but Kimmy began to silently rebel by getting into sex and alcohol.

Both of her parents have a tendency to be caught up in their work and are hardly around. Her mother insists their children remain religiously faithful while their father writes them off as an expense. Kimmy can't even remember the last time she saw them in the same room together.

Her oldest brother Seth is in the middle of working towards his Associates degree. He plays on the Eckerd College football team, and has a great academic record. Only Kimmy really understands how miserable he is and they have an odd way of looking out for each other.

Ronnie, the middle child, is very reclusive. He's following closely in his brother's footsteps and doesn't seem to have much of a direction of his own. He can disappear for days at a time and always manages to blend in with the walls or background. He often seems to be just as scarce as their parents but Kimmy's never questioned his motives. He does exactly what his parents want; his grades are good, he plays football, and even still attends church on Sundays, but beyond that it's anyone's guess.

Kimmy's Embrace by Nikolai has hardened all of the coldness inside. She wasn't going to follow her parent's planned path but this wasn't really what she had in mind. Yet, she is young to the night and much can happen.

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