New Avalon

A picturesque view of New Avalon at night.

New Avalon, Virginia is a middle-sized city on the East Coast. It is a Camarilla Domain currently ruled by Prince Natalia Mishkin. The city is large enough to support a decent Kindred population, though, compared to most cities along the United States' Eastern seaboard, it is not a city of great significance. It is primarily a Camarilla city, but has a small Sabbat presence that dogs the local Court.

History Edit

New Avalon was established . . .

Revolutionary War Era Edit

During the Revolutionary War . . .

Civil War Era Edit

The Civil War . . .

Victorian Era Edit

New Avalon in the Victorian Age . . .

The Great Depression Edit

When the Depression occured in the 1920's . . .

Sabbat's Crusade - 1999 Edit

As the Sabbat Crusade that took most of America's East Coast in 1999, New Avalon was no exception. The city fell to the Sabbat and had practically no support from any Camarilla forces. Despite the collapse of the defense for New Avalon, Prince Natalia refused to give up the city for long. Not long after the turn of the century, she led a quick, brutal and decisive strike against all Sabbat holdings in the city and managed to push them back and re-establish her Court.

Current Day Edit

To this day, New Avalon remains in the hands of Prince Natalia and the Camarilla , though still occasionally dogged by the Sabbat presence.

Geography Edit

New Avalon is . . .

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