Succubus Club

The Succubus Club is an always popular and busy club in the city.

Step inside The Succubus Club and experience one of the city's most unique and risqué clubs, among both the Kine and the Kindred world. People walking about in vinyl clothing; barely dressed women writhing about on stage; and men performing the art of fire poi for screaming women in the audience - these are the kinds of things you can expect to see on any given night.

Succubus Club Dance Floor

The club's dance floor, packed with people as usual. This is probably the most brightly lit portion of the club.

The Succubus Club is primarily a gothic-themed club, but it hosts several dance floors in different rooms and multiple levels. The club is highly popular amongst a wide range of people and provides a thrilling environment for all of it's patrons.

The club is owned and maintained by Lily White, who can be found at the club on an almost nightly basis. She can usually be found mingling with the club's patrons or simply just enjoying the club. The employees of the club seem to be fond of her and comment that she is great to work for.

Succubus Club First Floor

The first floor of the Succubus Club.

Succubus Club Second Floor

The second floor of the Succubus Club.

The Succubus Club is not only popular among the Kine, but among the Kindred community as well. Some notable Kindred, mostly elders, are fairly outspoken against the club but they find themselves outnumbered by the number of Kindred that give the club their approval. Because of the heavily gothic theme and the somewhat vampire-noir vibe that is commonplace in the club, much like it's predecessor and origin from the Chicago club of the same name, it allows vampires to have a place to somewhat relax and let their hair down. A few consider this to be pushing the limits of the Masquerade, but Prince Natalia does not seem to object and so the club is allowed to remain.

Because of the clubs popularity, there is always a tremendous line outside of patrons waiting to get in. The bouncers are the gatekeepers and decided who actually makes it through the doors. Maybe of the more regular or prominent patrons do not have to wait in line, though, as they are on the VIP list and the bouncers will let them in before anyone else. Getting on the list is difficult, though, and nobody really knows what it takes to make the cut. It seems like a random process to make it on the list, though the easiest way is to get Lily's support.

Main FloorEdit

The most popular and populated floor of the club.

Second FloorEdit

Offering a variety of other dance floors with different music options, the second floor still draws a lot of people but not nearly as much as the main level.


Only accessible by the elevator, with use of a special access card, the basement is off limits even to the VIP members of the club. Only a special crowd of people have managed to gain an access card for the basement and few have ever seen it.

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