The Nile

The stage at the center of the Nile's dance floor always hosts an array of fun-loving customers; typically in the form of attractive teenage girls.

The Nile is one of New Avalon's most popular clubs. Unusually, it is not located in the entertainment district of the city. Instead, the Nile is near the river in the harbor district, but this has not dulled its popularity at all. The club is always full and there is a line of people outside waiting to get into the club no matter what night it is. Usually, the only way to make it into the club is to get there early or be on the VIP list.


Nile Dancers

Highly attractive, and usually scantily clad women, are a common sight at the Nile.

The Nile is owned and operated by Christian Fullmer, a known Setite. His purpose for the club or reasons behind being so public about it are unknown, but as a Setite, the Camarilla Court believes he can be up to no good and few members of the Camarilla are willing to visit the club. At least, they are hesitant to publicly admit to visiting it, anyway. Sometimes, Christian is far too resourceful to not visit on occasion.